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At SOFTGURU TECHNOLOGY , we design and develop websites for a world, where originality and creativity take the center stage. Ultimate designs and strong foundational back-end development are central to our ethos. We as a company believe in developing the kind of website that itself speaks of your brand and business. The faith in the technical skills of our developers and artistic mind of our web designers drives us to produce the kind of websites that are aesthetically beautiful and technically robust. We as a company, never stops learning, We keep learning and therefore, we keep growing and as a result, our clients grow with us.

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    Frequently Asked​ Questions

    How would I ascertain which type of website suits my business the most ?

    The type of website your business need depends upon your business model and how you want to approach your customers. If you are looking to sell directly online, without engaging with your customers, E-commerce website would be best suited for your business. On the other hand if you are looking to raise leads and then sell your products to customers after engaging with them, a catalogue website will suit your business. For more clarity you can always get in touch with us to discuss more about your project.

    Yes, we do re-design existing websites. If you want to infuse your existing website with more creativity and enhanced user experience we can certainly help you with that. Apart from that we can also help your existing website to get equipped with new functionalities to enhance user accessibility.

    Yes, when ever we design a website our team ensures that the front-end design of the website must complement the back-end framework. The websites are developed keeping in mind the search engines parameter so as to make it more search engine friendly.

    The cost of designing and developing a website varies with certain parameters such as pages, technology used, functions etc. Building a website is like building a house, the cost of it keeps on varying as per your needs and requirements.

    The timing to get a website ready, up and running depends upon various parameters and factors. A basic website with very few pages will relatively take much lesser time than those website which have more pages and complex functionalities. For more information you can always connect to us to discuss your project, we will be more than happy to assist you.

    Once the website is fully designed and developed, it would be handed over to you. You will be the sole owner of your website, albeit you can ask our team and hire our website management services to manage your website.